Gun Transfers

Gun Transfers

Gun Transfers Made Easy

Visit the home of the $10 gun transfers in Electra, Wichita Falls, TX & surrounding areas.

Most firearms stores in the Electra, TX area charge at least $25 for gun transfers, but Double Tap Firearms Texas, Inc is different. We're here to serve our customers, not overcharge them. That's why our gun transfer services only cost $10. If you've purchased a gun online, we're the shop you'll want to have it sent to.

Not only do we offer low prices, but we're also known for our friendly customer service. Shop with us today to see firsthand how we've earned our great reputation.

3 easy steps to a hassle-free gun transfer

Curious about how gun transfers work? Here are the three basic steps you'll need to follow:

  1. Purchase a gun online
  2. Have the gun shipped to us
  3. Pay just $10 for the transfer!

It's as simple as that! For affordable gun transfer services, choose Double Tap Firearms Texas today.